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Gay Men Slam Dunking – A Feature-Length Romantic Comedy


To Whom it May Concern,

Please find attached Rob Martinez and Burke Williams’ feature-length screenplay, GAY MEN SLAM DUNKING.

Logline: Mo Lopez is enjoying his new life in his husband’s native New York City, until he learns that he’s the only gay man in all the 5 boroughs who can’t slam dunk a basketball.

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Keithy Wysnowski on Real New Yorkers

Done by Keithy, Videos

Keithy’s a kid for whom nothing was given and everything was earned. All you soft North Brooklynites don’t know what it’s like to have a father whose sole source of income was a job slingin’ hot dogs at Nathan’s, and then having that father abandon your family! That’s right I referred to myself in the third person back there but this is actually Keithy himself. Wake up, you dull hipsters! Hard work is the only measure of real men and women, so if you’re too busy drawing flowers on top of lattes my videos are not for you!!!!

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Pure Bliss Presents: Keithy’s Korporate Kulture

Done by Keithy, Videos

After rising through the ranks as South Brooklyn’s youngest, smartest and most handsome Internet Entrepreneur, Keithy Wysnowski has taken his talents into the self-help sphere to stir the demonic business beast within you. With lessons on How to Succeed at a Job Interview and How to Ask for a Raise, Keithy proves once again that he’s a man of the people who just happens to also be very successful in business.